Paper Submission 

Prospective participants of ISMA'15 are invited to submit their full papers using our TrackChair online submission system at:

Paper Preparation

Papers must be submitted electronically in PDF format in adherence with the style guide and using one of the IEEE Word Templates or LaTeX Templates.


A completed electronic submission is due prior to the published deadline. A complete submission will include the following:

·         Abstract

·         Summary paper

·         Category choice

·         Copyright agreement

Adherence to the instructions for preparation of the abstract and summary is imperative. NO CHANGES OR REVISIONS WILL BE ALLOWED AFTER THE DEADLINE. E-mailed or faxed submissions will not be accommodated. Failure to complete any of the preceding requirements may result in rejection of a paper. Registration and submission for technical sessions is open to all members of the scientific and technical community. It is incumbent on the authors to obtain appropriate approval to present their work to this international forum.

The following copyright clearance code should appear on the bottom of the 1st page of your paper in order for it to appear in IEEE Xplore: 

Peer Review

ISMA'15 contains high-quality submissions that undergo a peer-review conducted by the members of the Technical Program Committee. The results of the peer review translate into paper selections and topic-driven technical sessions for this conference. Results from that meeting will be sent via e-mail to all authors from Technical Papers Staff. If the paper is accepted, the summary will be reproduced directly from the material submitted by the author(s) and will be published on the ISMA CD-ROM.

Style Guide

This style guide is a reference for all submitting authors and is consistent with the previous ISMA format and style.

Download Style Guide in PDF Format.

You will need Adobe Acrobat to download this file. If you don't have this software yet, you may download it for free at the Adobe website.


·         All manuscripts must be in English.

·         The paper must be no more than six pages. It may be shorter.

·         To achieve the best viewing experience both for the proceedings and for the CD-ROM, we strongly encourage you to use the Times New Roman font (the LaTeX style file as well as the Word template files use Times New Roman). In addition, this will give the proceedings a more uniform look.

The paper should be in the following format:

·         Single-spaced

·         Two columns

·         Printed in black ink

·         No smaller than nine-point type throughout the paper, including figure captions. In a nine-point type, capital letters are 2 mm high.

·         Do NOT change the headers and footers. The page numbers will be changed automatically from the electronic submission documents.

·         Any text or other material outside the following margins will not be printed (except for headers and footers).

·         All text and figures must be contained in a 175 mm x 226 mm (6.9 inch x 8.9 inch) image area (not including headers and footers given in the template files)

·         The left margin has to be 19 mm (.75 inch).

·         The top margin has to be 25 mm (1.0 inch).

·         Center each page within this image area in a two-column format.

·         Follow the style of the sample paper that is included with regard to title, authors, addresses, abstract, headings and subheadings. Page numbers, session numbers and conference identification will be inserted when the paper is included in the proceedings.

·         Print the paper on 8.5 inch x 11 inch (216 mm x 280 mm) white paper or A4 white paper, following the margins described in this document and as found in the templates.

·         The first page should have the paper's title, author(s) and affiliation(s) centered on the page across both columns. The remainder of the text must be in the two-column format, staying within the indicated image area.

All accepted submissions will be converted to PDF format for the production of the conference CD-ROM.
ISMA management strongly encourages the submission of PDF files to protect the integrity of your work.
Do not place any form of PDF security on your files as this may delay or impede the review and publication of your work.


Copyright Agreement

AUS Copyright Form



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